Quick recap: Top Red carpet looks from the AMA’s

Chrissy Teigan 

Walking the red carpet with a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction, Teigan had to hold her dress together with safety pins. Dress by Yousef Akabar. Even with the malfunction the 30-year old still pulled off the look with the black dress and accessories. 2016-american-music-awards-arrivals

Selena Gomez 

Showing up in a red Prada gown, Selena Gomez talks about her time in rehab but it doesn’t stop her from looking good on the red carpet ama-fashion-selena-gomez-superjumbo

Lady Gaga 

Going Gaga over the pantsuit? Lady Gaga is wearing an all white pantsuit with a matching hat by Brandon Maxwell. Later killing it in her performance of Million Reasons. 01-lady-gaga-ama

Gigi Hadid 

Of course the Host of the AMA’s Wore an all white sheer lace Roberto Cavalli Dress with a ruffled neck line and a diamond choker gallery-1479693753-gettyimages-624694894

Ariana Grande 

In her Alexander McQueen pants and lace crop top and of course her signature ponytail ama-fashion-ariana-grande-superjumbo

Hannah Davis 

My favorite look of the night was of course by my favorite fashion designer Zuhair Murad. wearing a sheer dress with purple embellishments, Hannah Davis Killed this look. ama-fashion-hannah-davis-superjumbo


History of Fashion: 10 Looks from 1900’s – 2000’s

From then to now there are some major differences especially in fashion. Some of my 10 favorites from the 1900s – 2000s era .


The style of dresses in the 1900’s consisted of what we now call “mermaid” style dresses. These dresses were fitting at the waist and fullness was after the knee. I like this style during this time because it really shows the shape of the woman’s body. Satin, Velvet, Lace, and Silk were the popular fabrics that the dresses were made of so it was easier to drape.


In the 1910’s the clothing became more refined; it wasn’t strictly fitting. Dresses had a loose waist and a line skirt (AKA Hobble Skirt) was introduced. Towards 1915 the fuller skirt started to become popular as well, it was a wide skirt just above the ankles (below).


The 20’s evolved into the modern era of fashion, abandoning the clothing from the 1900’s that were tight and wore more comfortable clothing such as shorts and skirts. “Flapper” style was very popular at this time with ruffled knee length dresses. Hats also made a big appearance in this period of fashion, Felt hats were what was worn most often along with flowers, ribbons, pins, and feathers. Top Coats and fur were popular as well with all of these other styles.


Fur and Florals were a main style point in the 30’s. The men and women both used padding in the shoulders of their clothing often to create a false silhouette. The Women would wear ruffled. or butterfly cap sleeves. It was a poor time during the war for people so they moved to using cheaper material for their clothing with cotton. Women also wore military style clothing since it was during the war.


The 40’s focused on their hourglass figure, having clothing be made with padded shoulders, high waist tops, and A-line skirts to the knee. There were multiple necklines that were on dresses during this period but very little skin was shown. They didn’t let the dull war get in the way so their fashion consisted of colorful and contrasting patterns. The new design of the “Utility Suit” gave women a more business oriented fashion consisting of a blouse, a skirt, and a jacket.


In the 50’s women felt like they could do more of what they wanted with their clothing, and that they didn’t have to conform to a certain figure. Yes, the fur made a comeback into fashion. Also, Vibrant colors and patterns were popular in day dresses and skirts. Pants were starting to become more known to women’s fashion. The “Asian look’ and Pre-WWII made an impact on the styles of the 50’s fashion.


The 60’s were inspired by Jackie Kennedy, wearing dresses without collars and low heeled shoes she was the fashion icon of the time. Full skirts, tight bodice, and shift dresses were what women wore. Colors and prints of fashion were inspired by pop art and modern art movements along with earth tone colors. Mini pleated skirts are one fashion item that is remembered most for this era for the “school girl look”


Bell Bottoms and Bright Colors were the highlight of the 70’s. Midi skirts were popular along with cowl neck sweaters, and accessories were worn head to toe. Clothes became looser big chunky sweaters and coats. The jumpsuit was a huge success in the 70’s being sold in multiple fabrics.


Aiming more towards the younger crowd the 80’s consisted of neon, leggings, parachute pants, and big turtlenecks. MTV was the main impact on the fashion during this time, when people would watch MTV and see all the celebrities in their wild outfits. Nike, Jordan, Cosby Sweaters, and Zack Morris are all names you should know when it comes to 80’s Fashion. Athletic apparel, preppy clothing, and resort clothing were popular styles then, but denim jeans made the biggest success.


The 90’s were loose fitting clothes and grunge. Again MTV played a big part in fashion when teens would watch what celebs were wearing to get the inside scoop on the hottest new clothes. Bright colors, floral, tees under dresses, Overalls, acid wash jeans, and combat boots were popular to the 90’s depending if you were grunge or not. Denim on Denim and plaid shirts, crop tops, and tye dye were also some trends throughout this time.


Some recent fashion trends that were introduced in the 2000’s were Skinny jeans, rhinestoned tops, layered tank tops, graffiti urban wear (ECHO), Dresses over jeans, name brand tees. Those are some of the fashion trends from the 2000’s and there are some that people still wear.

Teen Vogue: #TBT

2000 & What?

Return of the tracksuit. In this article Erin Hoover talks about the surprising return of the tracksuit, and why its cooler now. In 2003 she bought almost every Juicy Coture item, being track suits. She saw all of the pop princesses wearing them like Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Mandy Moore. At the 2017 fashion house show she saw the return of the track suits by the brand Vetements who collaborated with Juicy for the design. Even though the runway look was more refined and added crop tops and accessories it was born again. The Hadid sisters wore track suits for an athletic style. People are ready to take on the 2000’s again.

I know I am! I love fashion from the 90-00’s Are you ready to take on the 2000’s fashion?

Then & Now


Teen Vogue: The View

Perfect Stranger 

In this article written by Andrew Bevan he talks about Sonoya Mizuno who takes a different  spin on fall fashion. A 28-year old Actress, Model, and Dancer, who did ballet and got recruited for modeling, and acting. While trying to get her foot in the door she landed a main role in the award winning film Ex-Machina. This is where she got her fashion inspiration, playing the role of a robot who had sleek futuristic fashion, got Sonoya into goth 90’s, and Victorian styles. perfect-stranger-01.jpg

Some of the things on Sonoyas fashion Bucket list:

  • HOles goggles 90$ il_170x135-822764835_5x1i
  • Hood by Air x Kangoi hat $40 kagol-hba
  • Joomi Lim Choker $140tumblr_inline_obieclJxPI1qfpn3c_500.png

My Packaging


For my packaging I wanted to keep the same Black and Gold Marble Aesthetic through out my products. For the bag I wanted it to be a Tote bag that customers could continue to carry around which would help promote the company and so they could have an extra bag if need for their purchases, Also for when they come back to the store they can reuse their bag. But will only get one bag in a purchase and will change to a Black Plastic bag if they buy more than the bag will hold. For ordering online customers will receive a black box that has the logo on the front and marble on the sides so everyone will know what company they were ordering from.

Retail Marketing


Inside of this Forever 21 it is visually appealing to its customers in a few ways. First the color combinations that the retailers used flow together perfectly, with the light pastel colors and a few dark pieces. There are also some accessories placed in the area along with the clothing to show shoppers that these accessories go with this style. Next they matched all the same styles up together for different fashion trends, this pictured is more of a “girly, floral, basic” type of style trend. Lastly the pieces are grouped differently, on racks they are grouped with similar pieces, but different colors, and maybe different styles. On the wall the clothing is grouped with an idea for what pieces would go together to create an outfit along with accessories such as purses and hats. All of these ways to appeal visually to the retailers customers I think are effective because the clothing and accessories in this section of the store all flow together perfectly. The retail marketing would be ineffective if the retailer grouped grunge, preppy, or sporty styles within this section of the store because it would no longer match the style being presented.

Double Stripe Handbag


A cute chic handbag for when your on the go. A day in the city, or a night on the town this handbag will make you look like a model. Black with Gold Accents will match with whatever you have in your closet.

Made with Black Faux Leather, Gold Shimmery Striped detail on front with Gold Zipper, 1 Shoulder Strap and 2 handles, Clasp Closure on inside.


(This is my First attempt at making my own purse, I drew my own designs with my own measurements, made a mock up to have an idea of how it would be made, picked all of my own fabrics and began to create it! I’m really pleased with how this came out for being my first one, I definitely know of things to do differently the next time I make one!)

Help wanted! 

Im looking for people to help make the blog better and run on a daily basis! Anyone interested in fashion, art, and design is welcome. If you are a writer, blogger, artist, designer, photographer, or anything else and you would like to join and get more information please email me at ehalefashion@gmail.com . Please put your skill in the subject line and I will send you more information! 

Day 1: BTS – Fashion Schools

If you wish to be like someone in a Vogue Magazine, Check this out. Today I will be going through all of the top fashion schools and listing some fashion majors that will get you in the industry like Vogue.

  1. Parsons, The New School For Design, NY – This school is located in New York and has majors such as Fashion Design, Photography, Illustration, Graphic Design, and Fashion Marketing. It also has majors not relating to fashion such as interior and architectural design. Famous Alumni: Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Alexander Wang.
  2. Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), NY – This School is located in New York and has majors such as Fashion Design, Fabric Styling, Fashion Business, Jewelry design, Textile Design/Marketing and more. Famous Alumni: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein.


  3. Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) CA – With their multiple campuses all located in California FIDM has majors such as Fashion Design, Menswear, Beauty, Knitwear, Merchandising, and even Social Media. Famous Alumni: Lauren Conrad, Amanda Bynes, and Will.I.Am.
  4. Drexel- Philadelphia, PA
  5. Pratt- Brooklyn, NY
  6. Rhode Island School of Design, RI
  7. Academy of Art University, CA
  8. Kent State University, OH
  9. Philadelphia University, PA
  10. LIM College, NY

Back to School Week!

This week I will be going back to school so I though why not have this week be based on everything back to school! Even though it may seem like a bummer that the summer is coming to an end this week will be full of fashionable back to school ideas that wont make it so bad.

So for today The Topic is Exploring different majors that relate to the fashion industry and what schools are the best fashion schools. Tuesday is Tutorial Day so I will be giving some Fashion DIYs to make your school year fashionable! Wednesday is Where to Shop, where I will be listing places with good back to school clothing, tech, and gear prices! Thursday is when I go back to school, I’m not sure what the post will be about yet so SURPRISE! Friday will be my Back to School fashion even though it will only be about Thursday and Friday but I will explain where I got each item and more! So be ready for this week, make sure you follow and add me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, Because I WILL be posting on all of them! so don’t miss out !