Teen Vogue: The View

Perfect Stranger 

In this article written by Andrew Bevan he talks about Sonoya Mizuno who takes a different  spin on fall fashion. A 28-year old Actress, Model, and Dancer, who did ballet and got recruited for modeling, and acting. While trying to get her foot in the door she landed a main role in the award winning film Ex-Machina. This is where she got her fashion inspiration, playing the role of a robot who had sleek futuristic fashion, got Sonoya into goth 90’s, and Victorian styles. perfect-stranger-01.jpg

Some of the things on Sonoyas fashion Bucket list:

  • HOles goggles 90$ il_170x135-822764835_5x1i
  • Hood by Air x Kangoi hat $40 kagol-hba
  • Joomi Lim Choker $140tumblr_inline_obieclJxPI1qfpn3c_500.png

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