Retail Marketing


Inside of this Forever 21 it is visually appealing to its customers in a few ways. First the color combinations that the retailers used flow together perfectly, with the light pastel colors and a few dark pieces. There are also some accessories placed in the area along with the clothing to show shoppers that these accessories go with this style. Next they matched all the same styles up together for different fashion trends, this pictured is more of a “girly, floral, basic” type of style trend. Lastly the pieces are grouped differently, on racks they are grouped with similar pieces, but different colors, and maybe different styles. On the wall the clothing is grouped with an idea for what pieces would go together to create an outfit along with accessories such as purses and hats. All of these ways to appeal visually to the retailers customers I think are effective because the clothing and accessories in this section of the store all flow together perfectly. The retail marketing would be ineffective if the retailer grouped grunge, preppy, or sporty styles within this section of the store because it would no longer match the style being presented.


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