Back to School Week!

This week I will be going back to school so I though why not have this week be based on everything back to school! Even though it may seem like a bummer that the summer is coming to an end this week will be full of fashionable back to school ideas that wont make it so bad.

So for today The Topic is Exploring different majors that relate to the fashion industry and what schools are the best fashion schools. Tuesday is Tutorial Day so I will be giving some Fashion DIYs to make your school year fashionable! Wednesday is Where to Shop, where I will be listing places with good back to school clothing, tech, and gear prices! Thursday is when I go back to school, I’m not sure what the post will be about yet so SURPRISE! Friday will be my Back to School fashion even though it will only be about Thursday and Friday but I will explain where I got each item and more! So be ready for this week, make sure you follow and add me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, Because I WILL be posting on all of them! so don’t miss out !


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