Ambassador Programs

I am an ambassador for 2 different companies, The Elephant Pants & Boho Betty.

The Elephant Pants

Through The Elephant Pants whatever you purchase they will donate 10% to the African Wildlife Federation to Help save elephants. The Elephant Pants will also team up with different organizations such as the Turtle Conservation and helps save turtles as well as elephants. This company sells  Harem pants, joggers, Hammer pants, leggings, yoga pants, shorts, Boho pants, and skirts. For tops they sell Tees, Crop tops, tanks, and kimonos. The Elephant Pants also sells dresses, rompers, jewelry, bags, scarves, tapestries, and kids items. This is one of my favorite companies to buy from because they have very cute comfortable clothes that all go to a good cause in saving elephants. Website here

When Ordering Use Discount Code: EHALE10

Boho Betty

Through Boho Betty you can find a large assortment of high quality bracelets from around different parts of the world that can go with any look. This company created an accessory line that is fashionable, high quality, globally inspired products that are affordable to women to make them feel “Sexy, Edgy, and Confident”. Their Promise is ” Great Style, Great Quality, Great Value”  Website here

When Ordering use Code: EHALE20



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