Fashion Illustration

Have you ever drawn up a clothing line or even just a dream dress you would want?… Well today’s topic is Fashion illustrators, fashion illustrators create ideas and fashion designs through art. Fashion Illustrators are typically graphic designers, but their range of jobs are large, they could be working on clothing lines,be a magazine artist, and create drawings that are from sewing catalogs or patterns. In these jobs fashion illustrators will communicate fashion concepts such as material, textures, colors, and detail. Many mediums are used when creating fashion illustrations, they could be done online through a design program on a computer, or drawn using pencil pen and paint.


After reading this article on Fashion Illustration the contest will consist of a fashion illustration that you created that is a design of another fashion designers garmets… or if you have created your own clothing line illustrations those work as well! If you create a design based on a designers fashion please include a photo of the fashion you designed. To Enter Send your fashion Illustrations to my email: or post it on instagram and tag me or twitter here and tag me or DM it to me!  Winners will get their illustration posted on my social media pages! Please Enter!

Check out Real fashion illustrators






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