How to get the 90’s Grunge look

If you ever wanted to get that grungy 90’s look I’ll give you the insider on a few ways to get this look. Also be sure to check out my gallery for the 90’s photo shoot I did to see even more grunge looks !

  • Loose and Baggy clothing are a mustthe grunge look is unstructured and loose so don’t go for tight or fitting clothes
  • Go for a Flannellike the point above find a flannel shirt that is 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you usually wear, if you want an authentic grunge look find an older flannel or even go to a thrift shop to find an older used one in colors like black, dark green, red. ect. you can use the flannel to wrap around the waste or as a layering option but avoid having it buttoned up
  • Crop tops & Graphic Teesshirts from 90’s Bands and plain or graphic crop tops are always a good idea try them baggy if not pair them with a flannel or jacket
  • DressesFind a floral, black, or other patterned dress to add a more feminine piece to your look add some black tights they can be ripped for a more grunge look but flannel around the waist helps that feminine go back to grunge and adding a tshirt under the dress
  • DenimRipped, Patched, or cut off denim shorts are the best way to go you can even make your own by destroying your own pair of jeans Denim over sized jackets also helps with layering looks, you can even go for denim on denim look
  • SkirtsPatterned usually mini or A line style
  • OverallsBaggy and of course do it like the fresh prince and go with the one shoulder look, be sure to pair it with patterns layers and flannels 
  • To finish the look be sure to look for these statement piecesShoes: Combat boots, Doc Martins, Thick heels. Hats: Beanies. Accessories: Choker necklace, long necklaces, lots of bracelets Hair: Dark hair colors, wear it half up half down with a bun on top, or wear 2 side buns 

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