How to get the 90’s Grunge look

Elisabeth hale

If you ever wanted to get that grungy 90’s look I’ll give you the insider on a few ways to get this look. Also be sure to check out my gallery for the 90’s photo shoot I did to see even more grunge looks !

  • Loose and Baggy clothing are a mustthe grunge look is unstructured and loose so don’t go for tight or fitting clothes
  • Go for a Flannellike the point above find a flannel shirt that is 1 or 2 sizes bigger than you usually wear, if you want an authentic grunge look find an older flannel or even go to a thrift shop to find an older used one in colors like black, dark green, red. ect. you can use the flannel to wrap around the waste or as a layering option but avoid having it buttoned up
  • Crop tops & Graphic Tees

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