How to get the 70s Boho Look

If you have been wondering how to master that 70s Bohemian look I’ve got you covered from retro style to the festival fashions these simple statement pieces will help you master your boho look!

  • Layers – Layering clothing  and jewelry by adding vests over shirts and clothing or  many necklaces and bracelets
  • Over Sized Clothing- Over sized clothing gives you a more flowing silhouette but make sure if you wear a over sized skirt you pair it with a form fitting top, or flip flopped, you could also just go for the full flowing figure and wear all over sized and larger clothing
  • Statement accessories – Flower crowns, Floppy sun hats, sunglasses, bold and large jewelry, scarves, fringe, rings, gladiator sandals
  •  Material- Lace dresses, Mix Matching and using many patterns, flair bottom pants, Fringe Pieces



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